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Drawer Units

Pack Rat®
Drawer Unit for Full size pick-upsThe Weather Guard® Pack Rat® Drawer Units feature a "smooth gliding" roll out door which puts frequently needed items within easy reach without the need to climb up onto the truck bed. It bolts easily to the truck bed and is reinforced so you can load material on top of it.

Drawers are constructed of a combination of 12 gauge and 18 gauge steel. The front and bottom is made of 12 gauge; the drawer partitions are made of 18 gauge.  Drawers feature arc and spot welding. The cabinets are constructed of a combination of 14 gauge and 20 gauge steel- the top and the sides are 14 gauge and the bottom is 20 gauge steel-reinforced with 12 gauge steel channels that double as bottom skids. The skids run the full width of the unit and provide an excellent attachment point for the PACK RAT® Drawer Unit to the truck bed.   Plusnut® fasteners are provided for anchoring in place.  The drawers recess into the cabinet and are weather stripped to keep out the weather.  A push-button latch mechanism provides easy one-hand operation and protection from theft an pilferage.

Model 305-3Model 307-3
Model 312-3Model 301-3
Model 304-3Model 306-3
Model 308-3Model 303-3
Model 335-3Model 337-3
Model 338-3Model 334-3
Model 336-3

Note: Since the Pack Rat® Drawer Unit is designed for heavy loads, they must be mounted properly.  All mounting brackets and Plusnut® fasteners must be used.  Failure to mount these units correctly could cause damage or injury.

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