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The WEEKENDER® Ladder rack from WEATHER GUARD® Equipment is a lighter duty ladder rack, with a 250 pound payload capacity, for the person with the occasional need to carry a ladder or small quantities of long material.
Racks come in two styles model a horizontal Model 1450 and angular Model 1475.

Model 1450 (Horizontal)
Model 1450  Uprights remove easily from the truck for a night out for the weekend and can easily be reinstalled for the work week ahead. Uprights should be removed when not in use. 

Model 1450 (Black)
Model 1450 Dimensions  Racks are constructed of 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inch, 14 gauge wall steel tubing.  All joints are fully arc welded, and they come in BLACK ARMOR-TUF Powder coating.

Model 1475 (Angular)
Model 1475  Adjustable, tubular steel pockets bolt into the side of the truck bed -either full size or mini.  A set screw holds the upright in place.  The load bar is adjustable to accommodate the varied widths of ladders.

Model 1475 (Black)
Model 1475 Dimensions Model 1450 and 1475 Ladder Racks Fit:

1994 Dodge and Newer Full Size & Dakota Pickups
  1988 Chevy and Newer Full Size & Mini Pickups
  1992 Ford and Newer Full Size & Ranger Pickups

Steel Ladder Racks

For Full Size Pick-Ups

Steel Ladder RackThe Weather Guard® Steel Ladder Racks are sleekly designed and have been repackaged to offer more versatility.  The rack comes standard with  4 legs, 3 cross members and 2 siderails. Ladder rack model 1275 is designed to fit ALL YEARS of GM, Ford and Dodge short bed full size pick-ups. Both racks are rated at a 1000 lbs payload and are available in BLACK ARMOR-TUF Powder Coating.

Leg & Crossmember DimensionsLadder Rack legs are made out of formed 1" x 2", 14 gauge wall tubing and side rails are 1 1/2" x 1 1/2", 14 gauge wall tubing. The full welded metal bracket that clamps around the side rail is made out of formed 7 and 12 gauge steel.

Side Rail Dimensions Model # 1275 BlackSide Rail Dimensions Model # 1245 Black

Accessory Cross Member

Accessory Cab Screen
By utilizing the Accessory Screen, load carrying capacity is increased to 1,500 lbs.. The Accessory Cross Member makes it easier to haul shorter and more flexible materials or shorter ladders.

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