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A really tough, low cost hoist, that saves time and money

The answer to a roofer's needs.
One man operation places shingles on the roof to install - all alone.  Unit hoists insulation, felt, shingles, buckets of gravel with equal ease.

The "123" Hoist sets up in sections. Motor hooks on, belt slips in place and the unit is ready to go.  Operator steps on the treadle to engage the winch.  The load automatically discharges off an optional unloading ramp if desired.  A brake release lever allows carriage return.

The bottom section with the winch attached is 3 ft. long.  Extension sections in three 8 ft lengths.  The hoist is self supporting to 27 ft. Longer lengths must be braced.

Compare these features...

  100% ball bearing winch.
  80 ft. aircraft cable.
  Automatic self energizing brake.
  3.5 H.P. Briggs and Stratton Engine.
  Ball bearing platform.
  3-8 ft. extensions and a 3 ft. section with shoes, winch and hardware.
  Heavy duty splice plates for secure section fastening.