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Is the undisputed leader among contractor ladder racks.

It's heavy-wall, large profile, rust free aluminum extrusions provide a 1200 lb. working load capacity and outstanding performance in high-abuse environments.



Highly versatile and economical rack.

It's extremely ridged free-standing Trusses have an 800 lb. working load capacity and allow easy loading and unloading of equipment and material. The rear Truss is completely removable in seconds for full unrestricted access to the cargo area.


Tool boxes of any style mount directly to System One ® equipment and require no drilling into the truck bed rail, truck bed, or bed liner. Top-side or low-side boxes mount in minutes with

System One Tool Box Hangers, eliminating the need to install support legs underneath.


This is a common configuration used by many government agencies, utility companies, and contractors.  Expandable at any time into the
Utility Rig™, it has many practical applications.  It's feature include cargo restraint, cab window protection, strobe, light bar, and antenna mounting.


Allow the Contractor Rig to be installed over truck caps. The stainless steel mounts are fastened to the structural Pick-Up Trak®, instead of to the thin sheet metal of the bed rail.  The mounting method distributes the weight evenly on the bed rail resulting in an extremely ridged installation.

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(All accessories sold separately)

Ratchet Tie Down
The most versatile and safest cargo fastening devices available. They have only one loose end which hooks to the underside of the cross member. Gold zinc plated steel with 4' or 6' straps.

Inside Hook/Anchor
A handy hook for small coils of rope or cord. Also has an anchor for holding the hook end of a ratchet tie-down strap when rack is empty. 1/4" x 1" aluminum.

Quick Shelf Brackets
Used with 2" x 6" lumber (not supplied), they install in seconds to create an additional level for materials and help keep cargo area organized.  Stainless Steel.

Quick Hook
Made to hold cord and keep 5 gal. buckets in place, this stainless steel hook can be clipped into the Pick-Up Trak anywhere along its length.

Sliding Cargo Anchor
An extremely versatile anchor point which can be positioned anywhere in any T-slot on the rack.  Typically used in the Pick-Up Trak on the bed rail. 1/4" x 1" aluminum with brass insert knob.

Strobe/Antenna Mount,  high profile
6" tall for protection from ladders, 3/4" center hole, 3 oblong holes 120°  apart for strobe mounting bolts.  Aluminum.

Quick Spool & Reel Holder
Sets up in seconds, insures wire unspools correctly and allows multiple wires to be pulled off simultaneously (1" pipe not supplied.) stainless Steel.

Tool Box Hangers
This hanger bolts into the heavy T-slot into the upper gusset and into the side of a top-side (shown) or low side tool box, eliminating the need for legs. 1/4" x 1" aluminum.

Tall Side StopTall Side Stop
Used when ladders or lumber exceed the height of the extension beam.  13" tall, it mounts anywhere on the horizontal flange of the extension beam.  Drilling is required. 1/4" x 2" aluminum.

Mid Crossmember

Mid Cross member
For step ladders and short or flexible material. Horizontally milled slots allow adjustable front-to-rear positioning of cross member. Includes Ladder Life™ rubber anti-wear insert strip. Aluminum.

Ladder Side StopLadder Side Stop
Ladder Side Stops are used as guides for ladders, lumber, pipe, etc.  the Ladder Side stop/Anchor version includes a hole for tying off ropes, etc. 1/4" x 1" aluminum.

Crossmember J Hook

Cross member J Hook
A very heavy duty hook for hose, cord, and chain, it bolts to the inside T-slot of the cross member. 1/4" x 2" aluminum.

Extension Beam J HookExtension Beam J Hook
A heavy duty hook for hose, wire etc. it bolts to the underside of the extension beam flange, facing inward.  Drilling is required. 1/4" x 2" aluminum.

Ladder Horn

Ladder Horn
Used when rear loading of ladders is not possible, the ladder horn allows curbside loading. Drilling is required, 1/4" x 2" aluminum.

Hook Bracket 5Hook Bracket 5"
A heavy hook which can hold 200 feet of hose or 400 feet of extension cord when opposing each other. Can also be mounted vertically in truss leg or in Pick-Up Trak,  1/4" x 2" aluminum.

Crossover Box Lift Kit

Crossover Box Lift Kit
This is a commonly requested item, so we added it.  It increases the clearance under the box to make previously unusable space usable. 3" x 3" x 1/8" aluminum.

Conduit Carrier KitConduit Carrier Kit
A high quality cast aluminum door and end cap for 4" or 6" PVC pipe (pipe not supplied) with 1/4" x 1" mounting bands. Can be mounted above or below cross member.

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