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There are many sizes of the shelving units listed below. They are available for both Full and Mini Vans. Call or Email with your vehicle specifications (Make, Model, Year) and we will respond within 24 hours.

Units are shipped knocked down and require some assembly. Constructed of 18 gauge steel and finished with the WEATHER GUARD® Equipment WG-Ti™ Brite White Finish. WG-Ti™ brightens up the interior of the van for better visibility and is easy to keep clean.

Flat Shelf Unit and Rack Unit installed in a full size van. Also shown are accessory Flat Shelf Bin Dividers, a Retainer Lip and Drawer Unit.

Jumbo Shelf UnitJumbo Shelf Unit installed in a mini van. Note: All 60" and 69" long shelf units include shelf support brackets.

Sizes available for full & mini size vans.

Standard Shelf Unit installed in a mini van. Also shown are accessory bin boxes.